I think it was back in the early '80s, when I was working for Firestone (little knowing that a decade later the new owner would move my department to Tennessee and offer me a job down there, but hey - the reason I took the job at Firestone was so that I could move back home to Ohio!) and hacking Forth code for an embedded system, using PE (which I still think is a pretty cool really basic editor (and which spawned (or was a member of) a family of similar editors used back then), though not nearly as good as TDE for the casual user (sorry, that may have been an anachronism), and anyway I've long since moved on to more featureful things), that I began using $$$### as a placeholder. And still do. Hold the Shift key with one finger, and bang bang bang... bang bang bang, there it is. Whenever I'm interrupted by a phone call or a meeting or whatever, I stuff that string into my source code so that I can easily find my place when I return.

Or maybe I started using it earlier than that...

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