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Agent: Agent is my newsreader of choice. It also does email with filtering and spellchecking and multilanguage support, and has lots of other useful features. And you've got to see that toolbar configuration; it is slick! Free Agent is the freeware version, without email and spellchecking, for newsreading only. I'd used it for several years since I didn't need the Agent enhancements. (For the most part I stopped reading the news when my ISP dropped its feed a few years ago. So I haven't used Agent in a while. And I'll snip the tips that used to be here, because they're probably way out of date.)

Agent and alternate character sets: I commented this section because it was way out-of-date and I hadn't verified it for newer versions of Agent on newer versions of Windows. I found that in email and news most people use one of the plain ASCII alternatives for Esperanto text, iksismo or hoismo ktp, so I stopped worrying about proper display of the occasional Latin 3 text. In fact, I got pretty good at reading the raw Latin 3 and Unicode "garbage" characters too! (View this page's source if you really want to read it!)

Opera: Originally the browser included an email client and newsreader, but those have since been spun off into a separate product.


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