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The only hosting service mentioned here that I use myself is 1&1; they have some great deals and services! (I guess you could say that I also use BulkRegister, but indirectly.) The others I came across while investigating such things. To learn more about hosts and their services, see Web Hosting Ratings (which also provides a lot of useful information for the host seeker on its Education pages) or If you're looking for a free host, see

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The first time I heard that people could access your home machine through your cable modem, I thought it was a joke. But it isn't! Slap a cable modem into your Windows machine and suddenly you're as vulnerable as the big boys, if not moreso! What were they thinking? (The answer probably is: they weren't thinking. See my thoughts on censorware design, and why today's software is so virus-friendly.) Here are some things that might help...

If you're troubled by adware/spyware, try Lavasoft's Ad-Aware ( or and/or Spybot Search & Destroy (http://www.spybot.info

Free online virus scanners at Kaspersky Lab and BitDefender were recommended in PC World, November 2005 (page 107). But I've never used them, so I can't vouch for them. I just put the links here for future reference.

Come on, admit it... If you've got a website, you've probably done a vanity search to find out who's linking to your pages! Try a link: search at AltaVista or a +link.all: at AllTheWeb (which also offers, which is useful for filtering out your own offsite links to those pages). Google does a pretty good job too. But that won't find them all... no search engine indexes the entire Web. And and at AltaVista don't return exactly the same results, though AllTheWeb seems to do a better job at finding subdomains. And sometimes you can find more links just by searching for some relevant words, depending on which engine you're using. Oh, well. Another good resource is LinkPopularity, which uses several major search engines to do the search for you. They'll also send you a free monthly email of this information. In defense of vanitysearching, I'll point out that it's a good way to locate interesting information; If they linked to you, then chances are good that they've got something on their pages of interest to you! Also, it tells you which pages the world finds most valuable.


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