You might just be a newbie if...

Of course, newbieism is relative, so some of the following items may make even oldbies feel new.
But you just might be a newbie if... use <TAB> characters to align text. use <TAB> characters for any purpose other than introducing a command line in a makefile. drink bottled water even when there's coffee, sodapop, or a drinking fountain nearby. have never entered xyzzy on a commandline. can't copy a file via the commandline. can't find the commandline. don't know what a commandline is.

...your filenames contain embedded blanks.

...your filenames summarize the content of those files so completely that the content is pretty much redundant.

...your email is 2% content and 98% HTML code.

...your reply comes before the quoted text.

...that quoted text is the entire message to which you're replying.

...the signature of your email is longer than the body. think re-installation is a reasonable way to fix a misbehaving program. can't understand why vi fanatics and EMACS fanatics don't just use Word. don't know that Linux is mostly GNU. don't know that Linux's response to make love isn't nearly as amusing as that provided by older unices. (Don't know how to make love, or, sometimes, even better... Not war?.) don't know that even hpux man pages once had a sense of humor. believe that the only fix for slow software is faster hardware. think that the English word data takes the plural form of verbs. pronounce SQL like sequel. (It's squeal.) pronounce URL like Earl. (It's U R L.) call directories folders. (They're directories.) call / a backslash.

William W. Patterson, 2000