CuteFTP is an excellent ftp client developed by GlobalSCAPE, Inc. (I used an early freeware beta version for a long time, but it seems to have a lot of trouble with dates during 2001; maybe it's a y2k thing, or something to do with Linux servers, which weren't very common back then. Other than that it did an excellent job, and I'm sure the bright shiny new commercial version doesn't have any trouble at all.) GlobalSCAPE is also the developer of CuteHTML and CuteMAP, freewares which I hope to try someday whenever I'm eventually forced to "upgrade" my home machine to a newer version of Windows.

John Junod's WS_FTP is also a good and apparently quite popular choice, and the Limited Edition freeware version probably has everything you need. It's also available at Ipswitch, Inc. I haven't used it very long yet, but it does the job well. The only gripe I have is that even though fonts are user-configurable, I just can't seem to find a combination for the 16-bit version running in a 640 by 480 screen that displays as much information as nicely as did the hardcoded font in CuteFTP. But that's a minor thing.

FileZilla is another possibility. I finally got around to trying it in October 2004 and never looked back. Many useful features: a keepalive mechanism so that the connection doesn't time out, drag and drop directories, disconnect and then easily reconnect to the directories last used, ktp.

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